Rosebud City is idea gardening to help our ideas bud and bloom. It is a place to organize, imagine, play, nuture, grow, share and show (like a gallery).

My name is Tomás Custer. I am an artist and journalist. I play with ideas and words. I draw and design. I curate the news.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of these are in a seed or seedling phase (or very rough alphas). Time and some TLC is still needed in order for them to bud and bloom.


Art runs in the family. I mainly use pen and ink with a strong love for animals while my father specialized in pointillism with art markers.

  • UnsungArt.com (my art - status:alpha)
  • SprySky.com (my father's art - status:alpha)
  • Domain as Design (see below journalism)

Journalism : Informoso

Providing a human-led news experience, I curate the news and only use technology as an aid or tool. There are no algorithms or artificial intelligence. This is an important distinction as techonlogy is transforming how we interact with news and information in ways that aren't alway better.

I provide quality over quantity and have for over 15 years been an advocate for curation. This is an art and craft. I create news collages that are useful knowledge tools.

These projects are part of Informoso.com (status:alpha). Oso is bear in Spanish so think Information+Bear.

  • SíHere.com for Hispanic/Latinx news (an evolution from HispanicTips - status:alpha)
  • CannabisReader.com for Cannabis news (relaunching soon - status:alpha)
  • and maybe projects for..
    • Artifical Intelligence news
    • Nature and the Environment news

Domain as Design : Idea Art

A lot of what I do creatively involves concepts or ideas. I dabble with words and phrases in the form of domain names. I even have a name and domain for this: domainasdesign.com (DaD for short - status:alpha) and think of myself as an ideaimaginer.com (status:alpha).

To put into artistic terms, I view the web as a blank canvas. Eventually, these will be more than just names but what they will grow into is still unknown. They may be a drawing, a design, a book, a brand (pretend or not), or something goofy. I have grouped these into the series below.

  • Cannabis
    • CannabisOurs.com (It isn't theirs, it is ours! - status:alpha)
    • SíHigh.com (Say it straight - status:alpha)
    • THCEZ.com (T.H.C.E.Z. - status:alpha)
    • StonedState.com (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, D.C., Alaska, California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine - status:alpha)
    • ContentCannabis.com (con·tent : /kənˈtent/ adjective 1. in a state of peaceful happiness - status:alpha)
  • Fun & Goofy
    • Quickzr.com (A startup parody: The App that makes everything quicker - Powered by AI, the Cloud, BIG Data, IoT, Drones, Biotech, Nanotech, Quantum Physics and Magic Dust - status:alpha)
    • NewNicheMedia.com (A media parody: We want to engage users and are willing to do anything from fake news, clickbait to alt-facts - status:alpha)


  • New friends, old friends, soon-to-be friends, and family let's talk if you have an idea or want to know more.
  • About the name: I love nature, rural, urban, technology, people, Portland (known as the Rose City) and of course there is the allusion to cannabis in bud. Basically all of those combined with ideas, art, design, words, journalism, activism and curation to give fertile ground for the name to spring forth.
  • A note about web design: I like to keep it simple, clean, fast to download and mobile-friendly.
  • I created Rosebud City's logo from an open source font called noto serif thai (download) with an underlined black asterisk and gray closing parenthesis. It is simple and easy to recreate. I see it as a flower growing out of a crack in the sidewalk.