Rosebud City is idea gardening to help ideas bud and bloom (mostly mine). It is a place to organize, imagine, play, nurture, grow, share and show (like a gallery).

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My name is Tomás Custer. I formed Rosebud City in early 2017 to encompass a variety of projects and services. I am an

  • artist and
  • craftsman specializing digital curation for journalism, content, data and more.

I play with ideas and words. I draw and design. I curate the news and content. I build and maintain websites and more.


Art runs in the family. I mainly use pen and ink with a strong love for animals while my father specialized in pointillism with art markers.

A lot of what I do creatively involves concepts or ideas. I dabble with words and phrases in the form of domain names. I even have a name (Domain as Design) and domain for this: domainasdesign.com (DaD for short).

To put into artistic terms, I view the web as a blank canvas. Eventually, these will be more than just names but what they will grow into is still unknown. They may be a drawing, a design, a book, a brand (pretend or not), or something goofy. I have grouped these into the series below.

Craftsman specializing in Digital Curation

I have for over 15 years been an advocate for digital curation. This is an art and craft that creates powerful tools and displays for journalism, content, data, art & education.

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